What is UC Success Wheel?

We have been helping businesses implement Microsoft Unified Communications for several years using our framework approach. 

One of the biggest challenges that businesses face when looking to make changes, is where to begin and how to do it.

The Success Wheel is designed to help show a shared vision of what a successful journey looks like for businesses.   

We help guide people through this journey using the step by step toolset that tracks progress of the customer journey. The toolset includes resources and exercises to help get the right outcomes for the customer and it follows their full journey covering areas like vision, organisational readiness, design, adoption and aftercare. 

The Success Wheel is overseen by our Customer Success Managers and various other teams and subject matter experts will be involved in different stages of the wheel. 


Why use UC Success Wheel

The success wheel will help you gain access to insights and information that you might not otherwise have access to within your internal business. 

Using our framework, you will be able to leverage advice from people who have experience of implementing these sorts of changes previously.  Having access to this level of insight can help you avoid the same mistakes they may have encountered, and it can also give you the ability to accelerate your own organisations journey.