's Teams Journey

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We have a shared and documented vision statement for the transformation.

We have identified what we want to achieve from the transformation and the order of importance.

We have identified the key stakeholder group in this transformation.

An Executive in the business is aligned and sponsoring this transformation.

We have indentified the requirements to gain budget approval.

We have identified what skills are required to complete this project and where we need external assistance.

We have identified how we will gain approval to proceed.

We have clear visibility of our communication contracts status and expiry dates.

We know what licencing requirements we need to underpin the transformation.

We have deployed Microsoft Teams to all clients or have a clear rollout plan in place to achieve this.

‘We have working policies in place that will support a more flexible approach to working locations.

We have identified when we need the project completed by and any hard deadlines with financial implications.

For locations that host many people, we have identified there is enough network bandwidth to support the rich communications environment that will be required.

We have identified our calling features requirements, beyond basic inbound and outbound calling, including any advanced features and functions needed e.g. contact centre, call recording, reporting and analytics.

We have an agreed project scope and have defined what a successful project looks like for the business with a defined success criteria.

We have identified the Call Queues and features we currently use on our PBX and which features need to be migrated to the new solution.

We have identified the different user personas in our business and mapped how the change will impact them and what devices we will recommend for each persona.

We have created meeting room profiles for the types of spaces we need to provide to the business. We have selected a standard kit list for these spaces and mapped our existing specs to these profiles.

We have identified our data storage and compliance requirements for use within Microsoft Teams.

We have identified and documented our desired Target Operation Model and mapped current roles to required service activities. This model has identifed any new hire requirements or reliance on external parties..

We have identified our desired deployment mode, created a High Level Design for our prefered solution and priced up what external assistance we need in the form of an official Scope of Works.

We have identifed what budget is required to implement and run the prefered solution .

We have had the budget approved and the decision has been made to proceed.

We have created an adoption plan that is tailored for our organisation.

We have a project plan that identifies key dates, stakeholders, activities, milestones and resource requirements.

We have piloted teams to test whether or not it is suitable for our organisation and have a defined pilot success criteria.

We have a secure baseline and policies in place for Teams that allign to our business data residency and compliance requirements. We also have basic governance in place such as naming conventions, templates and Team lifecycle management.

We have carried out the appropriate level of design as required by our organisation (High Level or Low Level) and have approved the design internally, ready to proceed.

We have designed our desired call queue and auto attendants to fit the business requirements.

We understand and have an approved co-existence and migration plan that is tailored to our business requirements and timelines.

We have a clear client rollout plan to ensure the correct versions of clients are installed on the user endpoints and that the endpoints meet the minimum requirements to use the application for the intended purposes.

We have an approved test plan that aligns to our success criteria and incorporates System Acceptance and User Acceptance Testing.

We have Implemented pre-requisites as identified in the design phase.

We have Implemented Policies and configuration as stated in the approved design.

We have acquired all of the identified licenses and services.

We have assigned the appropriate licenses to the required users.

We have procured and distrubuted the required hardware to the user base.

We have deployed the Teams client as per the rollout plan.

We have carried out number porting exercises/ aquired and assigned new DDI’s.

We have configured the SBC’s to connect to our Office 365 Tenant.

We have connected our SIP trunk to SBC.

We have configured all in- scope Call Queues and Auto Attendants.

We have successfully migrated users over to Teams.

We have setup and configured emergency dialling.

We have completed the System acceptance testing process.

We have completed the User acceptance testing process.

We have deployed our desired Call Recording functionality.

We have deployed our desired contact centre functionality.

We have implemented the required solution for Wallboards and data analytics.

We have implemented our strategy to deal with Analog devices.

We have deployed the required meeting room systems.

We have decomissioned our legacy environment.

We have signed off the project and we have entered production.

We have transitioned the service into a standard business supported service. Responsibilities now lie with the correct teams and aligned to the agreed business SLAs.

We have executed on our approved communications roadmap activities.

We have executed on our approved sponsorship roadmap activities.

We have executed our approved coaching plan.

We have executed our resistance management plan.

We have executed our rewards and recognition plan.

We have executed our Change Network Plan.

We have executed our approved Training Plan.

We have reached 15% Monthly Active Usage.

We have reached 40% Monthly Active Usage.

We have reached 75% Monthly Active Usage.

We are backed by documented SLAs with service provider to ensure the uptime of our serivce.

Our service provider has existing relationships with the product vendor.

The ability to escalate account related issues within my service provider.

Certified engineers assigned to our provisioned service.

Our vendor takes steps to ensure the implemented platform is operating to be the largest benefit of our organisation.

We have an approved adoption measurement plan that reflects our pre-defined business priorities.

We have an approved Reinforcement plan that we will execute following go-live of Microsoft Teams.